Hey everyone, I’d like to remind you all to vote for Chris on Logo’s NewNowNext awards, under the Host with the Most category. Ashley has reminded you a few times before and now it’s my turn :D

I have embedded a thing so you can vote directly from our tumblr page. Just go to it (fuckyeahchrishardwick.tumblr.com) and it should be at the very top. Just use the drop down menu to vote :D

And right under it is a link to give you the HTML to embed it in your own websites as well!

So get out there and get Chris all the awards!

I love yo faces (:

- Kristin


Good news everyone! Turns out that our precious nerd overlord has been nominated in Logo’s NewNowNext Awards for “Host with the Most” because yeah he is. 

Here’s a bit about the awards:

The NewNowNext Awards is a night and party that calls out EVERYTHING in pop culture that deserves the gay stamp of approval.  The NNNA’s irreverently salutes the best-but-underrated talent in fashion, music, and movies—and does so before anyone else!

That means that we now have a duty to make sure that Chris gets recognised for doing a swell job on Talking Dead.Chris will be competing against fellow comedians Chelsea Handler (Chelsea Lately, E!) and Stephen Colbert (The Colbert Report, Comedy Central), Heidi Hamilton (That Sex Show, Logo), Michelle Buteau (Best Week Ever, VH1), and Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef, Bravo).  Fortunately for us, Logo has made it very easy to vote and let others know.

You can either vote at their site or via Twitter using the hashtags “#NNNAChrisHardwick” and “#NNNAwards” Por ejemplo, you could tweet “Chris Hardwick (@Nerdist) has been nominated for “Host With The Most” in the 2013 #NNNAwards! #NNNAChrisHardwick RT this to vote!” Any tweet containing BOTH hashtags gets counted as a vote. (It doesn’t have to be exactly like that tweet, make it your own so people are sure to see it)

So get out and vote and the Nerdist proud!

I can’t show you on television what I was doing while watching that…
- Oh, Chris Hardwick! Please DO show us what you were doing! Or you can just show me. That’s okay…. please? (via anonymoosestalker)